Welcome to our monthly marinade!

A flavoursome feature with fun facts about our food.

We’ll be getting sticky in this month’s issue and telling you all about one of our favourite Vegan Dishes, the Portobello Mushroom Kiev!


From our Head Chef…

To prepare the Portobello Mushroom Kiev, I will take the center stalks out and peel skin off the mushroom before filling the mushroom with a Vegan Bechamel. I’ll continue by patting the mushrooms to make the Bechamel sit flat on top of the mushroom before covering the sauce with panko breadcrumbs. The panko breadcrumbs consist of breadcrumbs, parsley and salt.

I’ll then bake the mushrooms in the oven for 15 minutes until golden brown. One they have baked, the mushrooms are then placed on a plate. I’ll then pan fry a brined, caramelised chicory. The caramelising sauce consists of sugar, orange juice and star anise.
Once brown and caramelised, this is plated between the mushrooms. Deep fried, crispy kale is added, along with a dressing of three-corner garlic oil, and truffle oil.

Excited to see more? Stay tuned in April to hear about our Sea Bass Fillet.

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