Welcome to our monthly marinade!

A flavoursome feature with fun facts about our food.

We’ll be getting sticky in this month’s issue and telling you all about one of our head Chef’s personal favourites, the Maple Glaze Short Rib!

From our Head Chef…

“One of the first dishes I would like to talk about is one of my personal favourites, the Maple Glazed Beef Short Rib.
This dish is an Asian infusion inspired dish that relates to my personal style of cooking. Comprised of a Maple Glazed Beef Short Rib that is brined for a total of 24 hours. I have included baby Shiitakes that are cooked in burnt butter at a high temperature. Salt baked turnip that is cooked on a chargrill and a Turnip puree with grated horseradish, maple glaze, three-corner garlic oil. Finally the dish is completed with a truffle roshti, which is a grated potato with egg yolks made into a roshti and pan fried.”

Excited to see more? Stay tuned in March to hear about our Vegan, Portobello Mushroom Dish!

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